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Show that your website complies with the GDPR with Privacy Verified Basic.

Managing privacy (GDPR) is an obligation that is increasingly important for your customers and partners. With Privacy Verified Basic you can show at a glance that your website complies with the GDPR.

Within this program we test your website against the GDPR. Where necessary, we make concrete proposals for improvement. After the changes have been adequately implemented, your website will receive the Privacy Verified Basic certificate and logo.

Privacy Verified is a certification program with access to 15+ years of privacy knowledge.

4 reasons why you choose Privacy Verified Basic:

1. Certificate and logo as evidence

2. Immediate practical privacy advice

3. Professional control by our privacy experts

4. Customized certification, specifically customized to your organization and industry

The Privacy Verified process has confirmed to us that we have arranged our affairs properly with regard to privacy. This offers us peace of mind and our customers certainty.

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