How does personal certification work?

Obtain the certificate in
4 clear steps

Demonstrate that you have practical privacy knowledge in-house. Wondering what steps need to be taken for this? Below we explain step by step what the certification program looks like.

1. Qualification

Depending on the certification program to be determined, you must be able to demonstrate a number of years of practical knowledge. In consultation with our coordinator you are able to provide relevant documents as proof of your qualifications such as references, CIPP/E certificate, relevant training or publications. On the basis of these documents, we determine whether and, if so, for which certificate you are eligible.

2. Preparation

Once the certification program has been chosen, you can start preparing for the practical exam. You can choose how you want to prepare. For example, to manage independently through self-study, or to participate in one of the preparatory courses that are offered. Through the knowledge portal you have access to the relevant teaching materials.

3. Practical exam

When you think you are sufficiently prepared, you can take the practical exam. During the exam you will be tested on three parts, namely your theoretical knowledge, applied knowledge in practical situations and soft skills. The practical exam will consist of 100 questions, of which 40 questions relate to a case. At least 70% of the 60 theory questions must be correct and at least 30 of the 40 case questions must be correct.

4. Certificate Receipt

After successfully completing the exam, you will receive a certificate from our independent cooperation partner. From that moment on you can call yourself Privacy Verified/Professional, Senior or Auditor. You may propagate this title to the outside world, for example on your LinkedIn profile. You will also be included in our register.


The Privacy Verified certificate is valid for one year. Every year we check whether you still comply with the standards applicable at that time for the certificate. To maintain your knowledge and the latest developments in the field of privacy legislation, you pay a membership from the first year after receipt of the certificate. Your certificate remains valid in this way and you retain access to the knowledge portal. If you fail the annual recheck, cancel your membership, or receive a complaint that is deemed substantial after extensive investigation by an independent committee, we are authorized to revoke your certificate and remove you from the registry.

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