Be a Pro, be Privacy Verified

Do you want to demonstrate your practical knowledge in the field of privacy? This can be done through the Privacy Verified certification program.

Through our certification program, you will learn to apply privacy laws and regulations in a practical manner, and you will demonstrate that you have both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of privacy. This way you will be able to distinguish yourself, or your employees, in a unique way with our renowned Privacy Verified certificate.

Our certification program goes further than merely theory. It offers the possibility to test more than just theoretical knowledge in the field of privacy. After all, it is the practical knowledge in the implementation and application of privacy laws and regulations that is important.

A certification program with access to 15+ years of knowledge.
Our certification program allows you to demonstrate that you possess the practical knowledge required.

To comply with legislation and to really organize and manage privacy well, you need more than just certification.

6 Reasons To Choose Privacy Verified

1. Stand out from the crowd

2. Take the next step in your career

3. Benchmark your certificate

4. Demonstrate quality as an organization

5. Access to knowledge base

6. Stand stronger in your salary negotiations

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