Document Certification

Your documents 'verified' in
3 clear steps

You want to offer the legally required processing agreement and/or privacy statement to customers and other stakeholders in a practical and legible manner. Are you curious about which steps must be taken to use these privacy documents that not only comply with the law, but are also practical and readable? Privacy Verified helps you with this.

How does it work?

You will receive the certificate and you may use the Privacy Verified logo if, for example, your processing agreement and/or privacy statement is GDPR compliant. To achieve this, we will draw up a processor agreement and/or privacy statement for you, or check your current documents. We will visualize these documents to make them readable and practical. Drawing up or checking the documents is always custom work. It is tailored to your specific organization and industry.

1. Drafting or checking documents

Depending on the chosen certification program, the inventory takes place remotely or on location. Each program includes a personal introduction. One of our privacy lawyers will contact you to discuss the results of the inventory, or make an appointment to coordinate the inventory with you.

2. Visualizing documents

The second step is to visualize the document. This means that the legal context is made visual as far as possible so that it is understandable to every reader how personal data are processed and what the most important agreements are. This makes the document practical and readable, and prevents stakeholders from having to dig through lengthy legal texts to check how you guarantee privacy.

3. Certification

Once the document has been drawn up and visualized, the certification takes place. By including all required points in the documents, and thus translating the working method into practice within the document, you are in possession of a GDPR-compliant document. We include our certification within this document, so that when you share the document it is immediately demonstrable that an external party has carried out a check on this.

Continuous monitoring

The certified documents are adjusted in response to relevant legislative changes. In addition, a short evaluation and review takes place after every year and it is checked whether changes have taken place in the working method that must be implemented in the documents. If changes are made in the interim, this can always be implemented in consultation.

Would you like to know more about Privacy Verified?

Do you need a tailor-made AVG test? We would like to get in touch with you to organize and manage privacy within your organization as well as possible. In this way, together we ensure that privacy will work for your organization, and not the other way around.