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Every organization is different. With the document certification of Privacy Verified, organizations have the opportunity to have documents checked, certified and thus offer legible documents with high quality.

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Processing Agreement
Spend less time on negotiations, and easily demonstrate to your customers how you have set up the agreements regarding the processing of data? Our privacy experts draw up a custom processing agreement, or check your current agreement. The most important points from the agreement are summarized and visualized in a well-arranged manner. This includes engaging third parties and processing the data outside the European Union. In addition, the parties involved are also mapped and the document is provided with a certificate.
Privacy declaration
Inform data subjects in a transparent and legible manner how your organization processes their data? Our privacy experts will prepare a tailor-made privacy statement or check your current privacy statement. By means of a summary and visualization, it is indicated at a glance how and by whom data is processed, which data it is and what it is used for, how privacy is guaranteed and which parties are involved. The privacy statement is provided with a certificate, so that it is immediately clear that an external party has checked the statement.

Comparison table

Choose the document certification that suits your organization

The price for the document certification is an all-in price. See below what is included within this amount

Processing agreement
€890,-* first year
Privacy statement
€890,-* first year

Digitale intake

Drafting a customized document or checking the current agreement
Visualization of documentation
Hosting the document
Periodic content check
Implementing amendments to legislative changes
Annual update

*excl. VAT. The certificate is valid for one year. Recertification is completely optional and costs €390 annually.


Currently, no AVG certificates, as referred to in the AVG, are issued yet. There are currently no accredited certification bodies. Privacy Verified is therefore not an AVG certificate, but it is an extremely suitable way to check whether your working method complies with the AVG. The various processes are tested against the requirements of the relevant privacy laws and regulations. The Privacy Verified Enterprise program goes even further and tests the entire organization.

This is the perfect time to have such a test performed. When a privacy check is performed after a product or process has been set up, it often costs money and time to implement certain changes. We therefore always recommend, if possible, to perform a privacy check in the early stages of development.

Hell yes. The Extended program is equivalent to a DPIA. A legally required DPIA has no mandatory fixed form. A number of subjects must be assessed by means of a DPIA, such as the necessity of processing the personal data. These topics are also included in the Privacy Verified Extended programme.
This depends on the cooperation of the participant. Apart from the tasks and advice generated during the inventory, input from the participants is also required. This includes insight into the generated documents, demo accounts for certain services to assess them, or the availability of the right people within an organization to conduct conversations with. A Basic certification can be completed within a week after the documents have been uploaded by the participant. We charge three weeks for the Extended program and two months for the Enterprise program.
All participants in the Privacy Verified program are included in our register. This register is publicly available and shows the type of certification, the status and the renewal date.
No, you are not obliged to. If you do not want to place the logo and underlying url to your certificate on your website, you can of course choose to mention the certification in your conditions or, for example, on your 'About us' page.
This means that all branches in the chain can be affiliated with Privacy Verified. Imagine that as a webshop you use a hosting party. You can agree with the hosting party that they guarantee privacy well, but you do not know how this is arranged at the data center with which they have made agreements themselves. To make the entire chain privacy-proof, Privacy Verified is committed to chain certification. The standards from the AVG that are important have been established for various sectors. For example, per sector the focus is on what needs to be properly regulated there, and specific assessments are made against these standards. The aim of this is to make the sharing of data in the chain privacy-proof and that this can be recognized at a glance.
If you need additional support or advice, you can request it at the discounted rate of €170.00 per hour.
Your website is scanned weekly and continuously monitored for known security threats. ICTRecht Security Scan is included free of charge with Privacy Verified Extended and Enterprise.
Secure. The Privacy Verified certification program specifically focuses on the legal requirements that are important to your organization, and how these requirements can be implemented in a practical way. It does not only see whether certain processes are present within the organization. Through Privacy Verified, it is tested whether the GDPR is actually complied with, on the basis of standards frameworks that have been made industry-specific. Here, law is combined with technology. It goes beyond the existing processes and provides answers to how and in what way the GDPR is complied with. For example, we look at the website as the supervisor would. It is therefore an indispensable addition to an ISO or NEN certification.

Privacy Verified has entered into a partnership with various industry associations to put a service on the market that really fits the various sectors. We work together with the following industry associations:

  • Home Shopping Guarantee
  • Dutch Laravel Foundation
  • ISPConnect
  • Dutch Hosting Provider Association
  • Dutch Data Center Association
To ensure that certification takes place in an independent manner, we work together with the Certification Foundation. This means that the Privacy Verified team carries out the legal check, and that the certificate is issued by the Certification Foundation.

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Do you need a tailor-made AVG test? We would like to get in touch with you to organize and manage privacy within your organization as well as possible. In this way, together we ensure that privacy will work for your organization, and not the other way around.