Privacy Verified Partners

The online sector has joined forces to guarantee privacy in the chain.

How does it work?

Step 1: You have been successfully tested by Privacy Verified and the independent Certification Foundation has issued the Privacy Verified certificate to you.

Step 2: The website, web developer, hosting provider and data center are Privacy Verified certified. Congratulations! You are part of a certified chain. We add this to your Privacy Verified certificate.

What our partners are saying

Director Dutch Data Center Association - about Privacy Verified chain certification:

“We are very supportive to the chain certification initiative. This initiative provides good insight into how services are structured and how the privacy of the user is safeguarded layer by layer. The involvement of many branches makes this initiative unique and of great value.”

Director Fiber Carrier Association (FCA) - about Privacy Verified chain certification:

“An end-user can assume that his privacy is guaranteed when online activities take place. Certification is important to ensure transparency for the end user, who is or may not be aware of the many layers of ICT services. Fiber Carrier Association (FCA) supports this certification program, so that the entire chain can guarantee privacy with one certification.”

Managing director DHPA, Trusted Cloud Experts - about Privacy Verified chain certification:

“DHPA welcomes the Privacy Verified initiative as a good opportunity to provide users of digital services with insight into privacy guarantees in a practical and insightful manner. Transparency will provide an overview throughout the digital chain, this will help ensure that  our sector cooperates in a logical concatenation.”

CEO ISPConnect - about Privacy Verified chain certification:

“Making privacy guarantees visible to the user throughout the chain is an important step forward in earning the trust of the consumer in the digital world. ISPConnect welcomes this initiative, we believe it will benefit not only the internet industry but the entire economy.”

Why chain certification?

Online, the privacy of users and customers does not end with the security of for example, a webshop. Privacy which can be guaranteed also depends on connected hosting providers or data centers. Privacy Verified’s independent certification program meets the need of the online sector to demonstrate that user privacy is safeguarded throughout the chain.

Privacy Verified focuses on the entire (online) ICT chain, such as providers of ICT infrastructures, web shop owners and from Payment Service Providers to web developers. For example, an end user can opt for a network of reliable web shops, SaaS suppliers, hosting providers and data centers.