Comply with the privacy law

Your privacy 'verified' in
3 clear steps

You want to know whether your organization complies with the privacy law and to be able to prove this to your clients and relations. Are you curious about what steps need to be taken to fully comply with the law and to continue to comply? Privacy Verified helps you with this.

How does it work?

You will receive the certificate and you may use the Privacy Verified logo if your organisation, product or process is GDPR compliant. To achieve this, we will carry out an extensive inventory, in which both the front and the back of your organization, product and/or process are tested. This therefore includes not only a check of your privacy statement and security measures, but also, for example, checking the processing agreements already concluded. The inventory is tailored to your specific organization and industry.

1. Inventory

Depending on the chosen certification program, the inventory takes place remotely or on location. Each program includes a personal introduction. One of our privacy lawyers will contact you to discuss the results of the inventory, or make an appointment to coordinate the inventory with you.

2. Implementation

Based on the inventory, a task list with points for improvement, based on priority, is drawn up for you. You then pick up these points for improvement, in collaboration with our experts. In this way we are able to minimize privacy risks and remove them where possible.

3. Certification

As soon as all tasks resulting from the inventory have been completed, a final check takes place. If all tasks have been followed properly, your organization is 'Privacy Verified' and you will receive the certificate from the Certification Foundation. From that moment on you may also publicize the Privacy Verified logo, for example via your website. Your organization will also be included in our register.


The Privacy Verified certificate is valid for one year. After every year, a short evaluation and review takes place and it is checked whether the privacy laws and regulations are still being complied with at that time. An extensive check is carried out during the re-check after the third year, or in the event of major reorganisations.

Would you like to know more about Privacy Verified?

Do you need a tailor-made AVG test? We would like to get in touch with you to organize and manage privacy within your organization as well as possible. In this way, together we ensure that privacy will work for your organization, and not the other way around.