Be Privacy Verified

Managing privacy is a legal obligation under the GDPR that is becoming increasingly important to your customers, partners, as well as throughout the entire chain.

Thanks to our certification program, privacy will become a verifiable and unique selling-point within your organization, or simply a practical way of complying with the legislation in just three steps.

It is our mission to make organizations ‘privacy verified’, in such a way that company and personal data are processed within the legal framework, without losing sight of commerce and efficiency.

Our customers

A certification program with access to 15+ years of knowledge.

Privacy needs to be managed and organized properly in order to actually be able to comply with the legislation, for this you will need more than just certification.

6 reasons why you should choose for Privacy Verified.

1. Certificate and logo as evidence

2. Direct practical privacy advice

3. Continuous monitoring by our privacy specialists.

4. High-quality custom made documents

5. Legal tools for real-time insight

6. Certification program for the entire chain

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