Make privacy demonstrable

Company Certification

Recording and managing privacy (AVG/GDPR) is an obligation that is becoming increasingly important for your customers, partners and within the entire chain.

With our certification program, privacy becomes a demonstrably distinctive proposition for your organization in three clear steps, or simply a practical way of complying with legislation.

Certificate and logo as proof
Make demonstrable that documents have been verified by an independent third party.
Direct practical privacy advice
By means of a practical and concrete to-do list, the necessary points for improvement are mapped out, and you can get started immediately.
Continuous monitoring by our privacy lawyers
Possible (legal) changes are made every year.
High-quality custom documents
A tailor-made approach applies to every organization, so that the documentation is in line with your working method.
Legal tools for real-time insight
Our privacy portal helps you stay compliant by documenting all your privacy issues.
Certification program for the entire chain
We are active within the entire (online) IT chain.

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A selection of our customers

Our mission

Our mission is to make privacy legislation demonstrable for organizations, so that company and personal data are processed within the framework, but commerce and efficiency are not lost sight of.

Years of experience

A certification program with access to 15+ years of knowledge

Complete approach

To comply with legislation and to really properly organize and manage privacy, you need more than just certification.

Would you like to know more about Privacy Verified?

Do you need a tailor-made AVG test? We would like to get in touch with you to organize and manage privacy within your organization as well as possible. In this way, together we ensure that privacy will work for your organization, and not the other way around.