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Make privacy demonstrable

Capturing and managing privacy (AVG/GDPR) is an obligation that is becoming increasingly important for your customers and partners. With our certification programs, privacy legislation becomes a distinctive proposition of your organization, or of yourself as a professional. With our certification programs, privacy legislation becomes a distinctive proposition of your organization, or of yourself as a professional.

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Privacy Verified by ICTRecht

Our Mission

Our mission is to make privacy demonstrable. We do this by supporting organizations in complying with the GDPR, and professionals in demonstrating that they have the necessary practical privacy knowledge in-house.


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From obligation to strategic value

Complying with privacy legislation should not be seen as a purely legal obligation. By demonstrating that you comply with laws and regulations, or as a professional you have the knowledge to make this possible, you offer your customers, employees, partners and suppliers the confidence and certainty that their data will be handled safely and carefully. In this way, privacy becomes a distinctive feature of your organization or yourself.

Aantoonbaar compliant

Receive a certificate and logo as proof and be added to our register.

Juridische ondersteuning

Practical privacy advice.

Blijf up-to-date

Continuous monitoring by our privacy experts.

Documenten op maat

High-quality legal documents that match your organization.

Juridische tools

Real-time insight with our privacy portal.


A certification program for the entire chain.

The privacy chain certification in NL

Careful handling of personal data does not start and end with you alone.

You can also expect all parties with whom you share data to guarantee careful handling. Privacy Verified's corporate certification therefore focuses on the entire chain. From the data center where your data is stored to the application or website where you or your users enter the data. Think of HR and invoicing systems, marketing applications and customer contact systems.

Privacy Verified by ICTRecht

ICTRecht is the largest and oldest legal consultancy in the field of ICT, internet and privacy legislation and regulations. Since its foundation in 2004, ICTRecht has advised more than a thousand organizations in its field. With this experience and our practical approach, complex privacy legislation is made understandable for you.

Meet our team

Lester Snackers

Manager Privacy Verified

Peter Kager

Director Quality

Jorden Bailey

Legal Advisor

Beryl Hetharia

Legal Advisor

Laura Monhemius

Legal Advisor

Dimmen Smolders

Legal Advisor

Jay Remmelzwaal

Legal Advisor

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Do you need a tailor-made AVG test? We would like to get in touch with you to organize and manage privacy within your organization as well as possible. In this way, together we ensure that privacy will work for your organization, and not the other way around.