Quickly and easily generate SCCs yourself? It’s possible!

Quickly and easily generate SCCs yourself? It’s possible!

It’s actually not news anymore. At the beginning of June, the new Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) were adopted by the European Commission. Just to refresh the memory: these new SCCs succeed the old SCCs (also known as ‘the model contract’). And what are SCCs again? SCCs are standard agreements that must be made in certain cases when personal data is transferred to a party outside the European Economic Area (EEA). My colleague Laura explains in detail in this blog how it works.

There is only a big difference with the new SCCs. There are four modules to choose from. This was not the case before. There are now provisions for the following situations, covering virtually all transfers:

  1. Controller to controller
  2. Controller to processor
  3. (Sub)processor to (sub)processor
  4. (Sub)processor to controller

Since the transfer of personal data outside the EEA is already a headache for organizations, Privacy Verified together with JuriBlox have set up a generator that helps your organization generate the right SCCs.

Based on a number of questions, our generator determines the division of roles and the situation, the right modules are selected, and a ready-made document is generated. The SCCs are generated in English. After using our generator, you will therefore have a ready-to-sign document in your hands. The use of the generator is completely free of charge. Piece of cake!

The generator with the Dutch questionnaire can be found here. The generator with the English questionnaire can be found here. Questions, suggestions and/or comments? Please let us know.

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