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Through our certification programs we offer both organizations and individuals the opportunity to demonstrate privacy compliance and/or knowledge.

Make privacy demonstrable

Our mission is to make privacy demonstrable.

With our certification programs, privacy legislation becomes a distinctive proposition of your organization, or of yourself as a professional.

Demonstrably compliant

Receive a certificate and logo as proof and be added to our register.

Legal support

Direct practical privacy advice.

Stay up to date

Continuous monitoring by our privacy experts.

Customized documents

High-quality legal documents that match your organization.

Legal tools

Real-time insight with our privacy portal.


A certification program for the entire chain.

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Choose the certification that suits your organization

Every organization is different. Just like the legal requirements differ for organizations. Privacy Verified offers a suitable solution for every organization with three certification programs.

Company Certification

Interested in having your organization tested in the field of privacy? Then choose ‘company certification’.

Document Certification

Looking for a way to visualize and certify the mandatory privacy documents, the processor agreement or privacy statement? Then choose ‘document certification’.

Personal Certification

Are you a privacy professional, or do you want to become one, and are you looking for a way to demonstrate your knowledge? Then choose ‘personal certification’.


A completely non-binding intake will be scheduled.


Depending on the chosen program, the compliance with the GDPR and other relevant requirements is checked.


The results can be implemented on the basis of a practical and concrete to-do list.


When all points for improvement have been implemented, a final check takes place.


Receive the certificate and logo as proof of our verification and will be included in our registry.

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